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Knitted or Crocheted 'Paper' Chains

in Scheepjes Catona 4ply cotton 25g balls

We've put together this 'paper' chain pattern to bring some festive woolly cheer to your Christmas decorations this year!

The pattern includes instructions for both knitting and crochet, so you can choose to just crochet or knit your chain - or do a combination of the two (as shown in our photos)!

We used Scheepjes Catona 4ply cotton (25g balls) to make our chain. There are over 80 shades available in the range, so the colour combinations are endless!

You'll also need a pair of 3mm knitting needles and / or a 3mm crochet hook, and a hand sewing needle for assembling your chain.


Download the free pattern by clicking here

Free Pattern! Knitted or Crocheted 'Paper' Chain






Free Pattern! Knitted or Crocheted 'Paper' Chain