Blogger Tastsiana from tells us about what inspires her, and her passion for mandalas and overlay crochet!


Hello! My name is Tatsiana and I am a crochet designer behind Lilla Bjorn. I have been crocheting and knitting for my entire life but almost three years ago I (suddenly) decided to start designing. I was very impressed by bright and happy crocheted mandalas. They were made in overlay crochet technique and from the first moment I saw them I knew this is what I want to do myself.

So as you may have guessed already I am totally obsessed with mandalas and overlay crochet. It was invented by Melody McDuffee in the USA in early 2000’s and I am so impressed not everyone in the world knows about it by now! The possibilities of this technique are endless. You can in fact “draw” any image with yarn. Well, of course first you need to figure out where to place the stitches. But with ready patterns this is so much easier!

I continue to experiment with colours and shapes and my latest design is Peacock Tail Bag. This is a new CAL in overlay crochet, which will begin very soon. It’s absolutely free and all tutorials will be published on my blog. By the way, this CAL is being translated into 12 languages (yay!). So if you have never heard about overlay crochet before – this is a great opportunity to give it a try.

Peacock Tail Bag is made with Linen Soft yarn by Scheepjes, which is in my opinion great choice for bag designs as it is very natural in look and touch but at the same time it has necessary sturdiness for the bag to keep its shape.

I don’t really know how many mandalas I have created already, but even more ideas are living and growing inside my head. I hope one day I will have time and creative energy to give birth to all of them.

Here are just a few examples:


Joana's Mandala (made with Stone Washed by Scheepjes) was meant to be a Celtic design, but it doesn’t look like Celtic very much.

I called it after my friend Joana, who inspired me to create this design.

Joana's Mandala by Tatsiana from Lilla Bjorn


Spanish Mandala (with Soft Fun by Scheepjes) was inspired by Spanish handmade ceramic plates. I wanted to create a collective image of Mandala art in Spain.

And this is how this round cushion was born.

 Spanish Mandala by Tatsiana from Lilla Bjorn

I learn something new every day and overlay crochet is not the only technique I am in love with.My other favourite is Tapestry crochet.

I have made a few projects in this technique already and even attempted to design a pillow cover. It’s called Tapestry Circles Pillow (made with Stone Washed by Scheepjes) and its free pattern is available on my blog.

 Tapestry Pillow

Please, feel free to visit my blog and discover more free patterns and tutorials. You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.