With the start of school looming, it’s time to buy all the school essentials…but that got us thinking – what about the essentials for knitting and crochet? We’ve come up with the list of what we think every knitter and crocheter needs (and wants) for a project.

Knitting needles  

Whether it’s single point, double point, fixed, or interchangeable circulars, there are hundreds of different choices of knitting needles, for every project you can imagine!

We love the super colourful Knit Pro Zing needles.


Crochet hooks 

When it comes to picking a crochet hook, there aren’t as many types to choose from as there are for knitting needles (Tunisian and ‘normal’). 

However, grip type is important: flat or pen, hard or soft, plastic / wood / metal...?

The Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks are a firm favourite here. 



Stitch markers and stitch holders

There are several different types of stitch markers – split ring, ring and locking markers.  

Stitch holders are invaluable for holding stitches when you are not using them (such as stitches for sleeves and pockets).

Needle point protectors

If you’ve ever had your stitches slip off your needle when you’re not knitting, you’ll know how vital needle point protectors are!

We love the super cute sheep needle point protectors from Clover!


Sewing needles and scissors or yarn cutters

The chibi kit by Clover is a fantastic little tube to hold all your sewing needles safely when you’re not using them.

A good pair of sharp scissors can make the world of difference to your knitting. No more fraying yarns or pulling too tightly and puckering your work!  

When it comes to yarn cutters, these yarn pendants are fab if you're travelling as there is no exposed blade to be confiscated.



Row counters

Whether you opt for one that sits on the needle, or one that you manually ‘click’ to count each row, row counters are essential to keep you on track!

A needle gauge    

A needle gauge is super useful if you find a wayward doubled pointed needle with no markings on, or the size marking on your circular has worn off the needle from extreme knitting.

You just slide the needle through the gauge until you find the smallest hole you can get the needle through, and hey presto – you've found your needle size!

Notebook and pen

How many times have you gone back to a project, only to discover you’ve used the needles or hook for something else and now have no idea what size you should be using?! Or what row you’ve gotten up to?!

Our project notebooks allow you to write down everything you need to about each project – yarn, tension, what size needles to use, how far along you are, any alternations made!

We have project notebooks in stock for both knitting and crochet.

My Knitting Project Bible

Blocking boards and pins 

Blocking boards and pins are vital to ensure your finished project looks perfect!

Blocking your work evens out your stitches and relaxes the yarn to give you a polished finished look. It is also really important when you are making squares and need them all to be the same size for joining.

Yarn swifts and winders for hanks

No longer do you need to stand with your arms out straight for hours on end, or use two chairs back-to-back to wind your yarn!

Yarn swifts and winders are a fantastic piece of kit! They save time, but also space, as a yarn ‘cake’ is smaller than a normal ball of yarn and the centre pull feature means you’ll have less knots when using the yarn and stops the yarn from rolling around on the floor and getting dirty. 

And finally... a tape measure

To ensure your jumper doesn’t end up by your knees or armpits…