With the school term racing to an end, we have found some quick and easy patterns for last minute teacher’s gifts!


A woolly take on ‘apple for the teacher’

A knitted or crocheted apple cosy is a super sweet idea for a gift. They'll also comfortably fit a chocolate orange for an extra indulgent treat. We also adore these apple coasters that fold up into a whole apple!









'Apple Crochet Cozy' by Petals to Picots: www.petalstopicots.com © Petals to Picots



Mug Cosies

Mug cosies are a fab gift – fill a mug up with treats and cover with a gorgeous knitted or crocheted cosy. Or why not do the same with a small flower pot?

Mug Cozy by Crochet N Play Designs     Mug Cozy by Crochet N Play Designs

Mug Cozy' by Crochet N Play Designs. Images from Ravelry © Crochet N Play Designs



Knitted or Crocheted Bookmarks

How cute are these bookmarks??! We’ve got both English Literature and Science covered!


'Book Rat' Bookmark by Jonas Matthies. Image from Ravelry © Jonas Matthies

'Cat in the Hat Inspired Bookmark' by Catina Anderson: www.catinaanderson.com © Catina Anderson