We had the privilege of interviewing the extremely talented Laura from Laura Loves Crochet. She tells us all about her creative journey and what's in store for the future!

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1.     Tell us a little bit about yourself - your background, general day to day life, hobbies (other than crafting).

I live in rural Shropshire with my husband, my 9 year old daughter and my Westie.  I’ve been self-employed for many years as a video editor, and I took up crochet as a hobby around 8 years ago.  Since this point, more and more of my time has been dedicated to crochet and writing my own patterns, so much so that my ‘proper job’ has taken a back seat.  I consider myself very lucky to be able to turn something that I love doing into my job. When someone asks me ‘have you been working today?’ I don’t know how to answer as it doesn’t feel like work to me!

2.     When and why did you start crafting?

Even as a child, I was always very crafty so I have tried lots of different crafts over the years.  I remember going to lace-making evening classes with my Mom at a fairly young age, which was followed by an interest in cross stitch and a brief and not very successful attempt at knitting too! I vaguely remember being shown the very basics of crochet by a lady who visited my primary school class, but I didn't take up crochet at a young age.  In my early thirties, I could still remember how to crochet a chain and to do one type of stitch but I didn't even know what it was called!  I wanted to learn more but I struggled to follow diagrams in books, so I decided to look on YouTube for some instruction.  I found tutorials produced by 'The Crochet Crowd' and suddenly it just clicked for me.  8 years on and crochet is now my addiction and my therapy in equal measure.

3.     Do you have specific inspiration behind any of your projects?

It's hard to say where I get my inspiration from because, like anyone, I am inspired by everything around me.  Recently I have been designing animals each with their own houses and accessories, which I guess comes from seeing the way that my daughter plays with her own toys and the shoe-box houses that she makes for them! I love seeing photos of the projects that other people have made using my patterns and it really gives me the motivation to keep designing.  I have even had a few people tell me that I have inspired them to learn to crochet in the first place and there's no better feeling than that.

4.     What is your favourite piece you've done so far?

My favourite design has got to be my frog purse which was my first purse pattern.  This has by far been my best-selling pattern to date, and more importantly it set me on a path of designing a whole range of items since this point. As for my favourite item to make, I love the variety of projects that are possible with crochet and I never seem to make the same thing more than a few times.  I've just published my laying hen and penguin patterns so I'm enjoying making those at the moment, but ask me next week and you'll get a different answer!

5.     What does your creative process look like?

I usually start off with a very rough drawing of what I hope to achieve just to get what I have pictured in my head onto paper.  Then I look at what shapes make up what I have drawn before figuring out how to translate them into crochet.  I usually only crochet a couple of drafts but there’s lots of undoing and re-doing sections along the way.  I also post photos of my progress onto my facebook page to gauge what kind of reaction it gets.  I find this really useful to see if I’m on the right path or to gather suggestions of how to improve it and fellow crafters are always really helpful.  When that’s all done, I type everything up and then send my pattern out to be tested by a few people before publishing it.

6.     Does your home reflect your crafting passion?

My home has several crochet items in it including wreaths, a wall hanging and some micro crochet items, but probably not as many things as you might imagine.  I have a corner in my lounge with drawers containing some of my yarn and hooks etc so that I have everything I need within reach - I’m not often seen without some crochet in my hands.

7.     What designers are you loving at the moment?

The last couple of patterns that I have bought have been by Aidie & Jellybean so I’m enjoying her designs at the moment.  Other favourites include Flo And Dot, MyKrissieDolls, KristiTullus & Lucy Ravenscar.

8.     Do you have any tips for readers developing a passion for crafting?

I would say to try as many different crafts as you can until you find the one that just clicks for you – suddenly you’ll have a creative outlet that’s therapeutic, massively rewarding and highly addictive!

9.     Describe your style in 3 words.

Playful, quirky, & fun.

10. What yarns do you like using the most?

That’s easy - I use Patons Smoothie for just about everything as I love the non-fluffy finish that it gives. My second choice (if I’m making smaller items) would be DMC Natura Just Cotton.

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To finish off this wonderful interview with Laura, we asked:

What does the future look like for Laura Loves Crochet?

I just hope to continue with the hobby that has given me so much and to keep publishing patterns along the way.  I’d love to publish a book of my patterns one day.  I’m currently working on a worry doll that can be hidden inside a range of woodland themed houses and I have many other pattern ideas still to try, so watch this space!

You can follow Laura and see all of her projects on her Facebook, Instagram and Etsy.