Another Monthly Round Up has arrived and we have some amazing additions to show you this month that will definitely make you want to expand your craft stash!

New Yarn

There are some fabulous new additions to our shelves and ranges that have been added to much-loved brands like King Cole and Malabrigo!



Malabrigo Susurro

This breezy yarn is soft and light, making it the ultimate summer yarn. Susurro is 50% Mulberry silk, 25% Merino, and 25% Linen wound as a single ply into a DK/Sport weight. 

The fusion of these three very different fibres results in an amazing depth of colour, giving the yarn an almost metallic sheen.

This yarn has a marvelous balance due to the sharp contrast between the crude texture of the linen and the silkiness of the Merino.

 King Cole Jelly Bean

A brand new Pom-Pom yarn. This delightful new yarn is the perfect comfort crafter, delicate on the skin and incredibly warm.

A wondefully soft chenille yarn that has a unique element of jelly bean shaped pom poms! Create super cute baby blankets or winter accessories with this yarn!

Malabrigo Washted

A superwash version of the classic Worsted Merino base. While remaining true to the original softness of worsted, Malabrigo ‘washed it’ so you can too, allowing more freedom and ease of care.

Having the same weight as Worsted, it can be used interchangeably for any projects you may have planned for Worsted.

King Cole Zig Zag - New Shades

King Cole Zig Zag comes in a fantastic selection of vivid colour mixes to jazz up your handmade socks. From textured splashes, through strong stripes, to dainty white dashes, the subtle differences of each design make sure that your feet will be as unique as you are! Six new shades have been added to this gorgeous collection and we are in love with all of them!



New Fabric

We are so excited about our ever-growing fabric ranges and some gorgeous new collections have recently been added to brands like Moda and Dashwood.

... ...

Moda - Longitude Batiks

This collection of batiks brings a lush, saturated and beautiful global palette to your sewing projects.

"What I love about batiks is the way the process is visible in the finished fabric – from the hands of the artisans who interpret my designs to layers of color applied in the flowing water of the dye baths. The irregularity of the prints themselves is a celebration of imperfection and connects the spirit of creativity across continents and into your sewing space...and heart." ~ Kate Spain


Lewis and Irene - Littondale

A family camping destination for the lovely designer, Jaynie, inspired by the Yorkshire Dales. A calm and natural collection of designs celebrating our beautiful countryside.


Makower - A Walk in the Park

Woof, woof! Grab the collar and lead it's time for these super cute furry friends to go walkies in the park.Chasing butterflies, bees and cats up trees, whilst racing through much fun to be had!


... ...

Dashwood - Summer Dance

Bethan's latest Dashwood collection, Summer Dance, evokes warm summer evenings spent walking in an English country garden amongst the wild flowers, dancing swallows and busy bees.


Dashwood - Ocean Drive

With a palette of ice cream hues with hints of gold metallic, Ocean Drive conjures up a laid back East Coast vibe, strolls along deco boulevards, soaking up the rays and relaxing under the swaying palms with a Pina Colada.


Dashwood - Lost Treasures

Lost Treasures celebrates the rediscovery of all those trinkets and treasured possessions one had as a child.  From pressed flowers, keys, lucky charms and bird nest discoveries, they all feature in Jane's delightful new collection.

Also New...


Yarnistry - New Accessories

Need to spruce up your craft kit? Why not add some of these quirky, unique accessories from Yarnistry! There is a huge range of designs to choose from, from sheep, mermaids, dinosaurs and Russian dolls, to cats, balls of yarn and unicorns! You can grab some stitch markers, a knitting gauge or maybe a wraps per inch keyring!



Look At What I Made - Jeanette Pack

This blanket pack is from the fabulous blogger – Dedri at It includes printed instructions and links to helpful tips and more on her blog.The original design for the Jeanette Square has been adapted by Anna Moore to satisfy all of our rainbow needs!

"Aunty Jeanette is a very dear friend of mine.  When I was sixteen, her son (my boyfriend at the time) and I went on a Prickly-Pear-Picking mission.  It was an insanely hot Karoo day, so on the way back (driving in his 1972 Merc with a bucket of prickly pears resting between my feet), I decided to turn down my window.  When we got back to his house, I realised that I was completely covered in prickly pear thorns…like head-to-toe covered!  The three of us spent the remainder of the afternoon tweezing them all out.

When I was working on the design for this square, the colours and shape of my prototype reminded me of that sweltering laughter-filled day, so I decided to indulge in whimsy and call it Jeanette."




Novita - Moominvalley's Favourite Knits

This Moomin inspired pattern book is filled with 7 super cute knitting patterns for Moomin lovers! These patterns were designed for the Moomin x Novita yarn collection that consists of 3 wonderful yarns, Moominhouse, Moomins and Moominvalley. The Moominvalleys Favourite Knits has patterns for socks, a jumper, a children's dress and homewares! Moomins and knitting, what's not to love?!





June 2019