Another Monthly Round Up has arrived and we have some amazing additions to show you this month that will definitely make you want to expand your craft stash!

New Yarn

There are some fabulous new additions to our shelves and ranges that have been added to much loved brands like Stylecraft, Opal, James C Brett and more! 



Stylecraft Monet

Create a masterpiece in minutes with Stylecraft's Monet - a gorgeous Aran weight yarn fit for all kinds of artistic projects. With swathes of swirling colour in every ball, each one inspired by some aspect of Monet's life and work, you can create harmonious colour patterns in the style of impressionist brush strokes - all in your favourite jumper pattern! From stylish streetwear to exciting accessories, Monet is machine washable and safe to put in the tumble dryer so it's perfect for everyday wear. Put a little more art in to your arts and crafts with Stylecraft Monet.

Opal Cotton Premium

Ask, and Opal will provide! Adding to their gorgeous selection of sock yarns, Opal's Cotton Premium provides a cooler alternative for your sock knitting with a mix of wool, polyamide, and cotton - just the thing for those who need their socks a little more breathable. In jaunty stripes and patterns and with Opal's signature selection of both bright and subdued colours, Cotton Premium gives you all the sock qualities you love with a cooler touch.

Baa Ram Ewe Pip Colourwork

Pip Colourwork is a handy 25g size and knits to a standard 4 ply weight, with 126 yards on the ball. Like all Baa Ram Ewe yarns it has a beautiful handle: soft and squishy yet with enough grip to bind the shades together. 15 shades make up this wonderful range that all blend together beautifully.


King Cole Caribbean Calypso

A stunningly smooth acrylic and polyamide mix, King Cole's Caribbean Calypso DK is just the thing to get you ready for summer. Now in a delicious selection of jaunty colour mixes on a white base -putting the party in this exotic island yarn- every ball of Calypso contains a white thread wrapped around the strand to create a delicate crimp that adds even more texture to your work. With a stylish selection of supporting patterns available, this is the perfect place to start to fill out your wardrobe for the warmer months. Let Calypso take you on a sun-drenched journey...

Baa Ram Ewe Winterburn

Winterburn DK throws the spotlight on another one of our wonderful Yorkshire sheep breeds, the Masham. The Masham has smaller ringlets of fleece than the Wensleydale but with added bounce and loft that it gets from its hill-loving male ancestry, the Dalesbred.

Opal Ice Cream Sock

Delicious colour mixtures in all your favourite flavours! Opal's Ice Cream is a tough and tasty wool and polyamide 4 ply in a range of bold colour mixes, creating stunning stripes that melt from one shade to the next. Everyone deserves a treat from time to time!


James C Brett Driftwood

Another excellent addition to James C Brett's every growing collection of themed double knits, Driftwood DK is a painted-style yarn in a gorgeous selection of nature inspired colour mixes. Beautiful heathered stripes appear as you knit, blending beautifully to create a soft colour texture on anything you choose to make. Made from 100% anti-pilling acrylic, Driftwood is super soft, machine washable and long lasting, making it perfect for everyday wear. With a lovely selection of supporting patterns in traditional styles, Driftwood makes a brilliant addition to any yarn stash.

James C Brett Flutterby Quick Knit

A fantastic addition to James C Brett's Flutterby range, Flutterby Quick Knits gives you the same soft, chenille texture but now in a versatile DK weight. With a lightweight rope structure that creates a gentle and squishy fabric, Quick Knits doesn't split or snag making it a dream to work with. Machine washable and kind to sensitive skin, Quick Knits is perfect for baby garments, blankets, and toys and, despite its lighter DK weight, knits and crochets up in no time. Is Flutterby Quick knits the perfect baby yarn? Try it and see!

Check out the adorable range of supporting patterns here.

Stylecraft Moonbeam

With a delicate chainette structure and a silky sheen to every strand, Stylecraft's Moonbeam is as light and dreamy as moonlight. Made from a cool mixture of cotton and viscose, the gentle selection of pastel shades available match the luxurious texture making a yarn that is perfectly balanced. Tougher than it looks, Moonbeam is safe to put in the washing machine and tumble dryer and won't lose any of its stylish drape or soft feel - a dream at any time of day!



West Yorkshire Spinners
Colour Lab

Produced from 100% British wool, ColourLab Dk boasts a bright collection of 18 solids and 5 self-striping shades. Formulating colours with beautiful fibres is our passion. With evolving colour trends & the demand for sustainable natural fibres increasing, developing a 100% wool DK with an ever-growing colour palette seemed the perfect choice.

New Fabric

We are so excited about our ever growing fabric ranges and some gorgeous new collections have recently been added to brands like Lewis and Irene, Dashwood and Liberty!

... ...

Liberty Hesketh House

Titled in honour of a favourite artwork in the LIberty archive dating from the 1890s, 'The Hesketh House Collection' draws inspiration from heritage interior details of an English stately manor.

Decorative wallpapers, rich woven textiles, carved wooden details and views of the garden inspired the fabric designs.

Makower Fern Garden

Inspired by interior home decor trends, these stylish botanical fern prints bring a horticultural feel to your projects. Refreshing shades of green and revitalising yellows are teamed with grey to bring serenity to your project.

Detailed botanical designs are complemented by flamingos and pineapples to bring this stylish collection to life.

Lewis & Irene Poodle and Doodle

A summer stroll in the city with Poodle and Doodle followed by a cosy cat nap curled up in a chair. Inspired by a precious long necked, yellow cat and their love of doodle dogs.

This super cute collection has a retro feel and uses pastel shades that all blend together beautifully.

Also New...


Crochet Now CAL- A Life Inspired

A Life Inspired is the brand-new crochet-along designed for Crochet Now magazine by Stylecraft Blogstar Helen Shrimpton of Crystals and Crochet. This crochet-along has been designed for the advancing beginner and intermediate crocheter. Published over 13 parts, 1 square will feature in every issue for a total of 12 squares, featuring detailed and interesting stitches, and the final section will focus on joining and edging. Helen has designed a colour palette in Stylecraft Batik DK and Life DK called ‘The Sky’s the Limit’, and an accompanying pack has been designed in Special DK in a different colourway, called ‘Happiness’.




Regia & Wool and the Gang - Kinda Magic Sock Yarn

Regia & Wool and the Gang have collaborated on the 'Kinda Magic Sock Yarn', to create a carefully developed range combining Regia's textile expertise with WATG's fun and fashion-forward approach to design; the results are a color explosion of five different colorways, all of which create a leopard print effect on the finished sock!

These socks are the purrfect gifts for the knitting enthusiast and fashion sock lover - please be aware that the manufacturers suggest the yarn is designed to be used by experienced sock knitters and is a perfect project for those looking for a more challenging sock project!

Why is this yarn recommended for experienced knitters?

• Tension is super important in this pattern. - A small difference in tension could throw off the design!

• No one person knits exactly the same way, so for the KINDA MAGIC SOCK YARN knitters might need a few chances to get the tension spot on. - So experiment until you’ve got it.

As a knitter new to sock knitting, you might want to get used to socks knitting techniques with one of our other sock yarns available on our website here, before trying to work up a pair of the 'Kinda Magic' socks.

You can find information on how to knit these socks on our website here.





March 2019