We had such a great interview with Nina of Nina Knitzzz! She told us all about her passion for crafting and what her creative process looks like!

1.     Tell us a little bit about yourself - your background, general day to day life, hobbies (other than crafting).

I am originally from Norway but live in London with my fiance. I work as a doctor by day and knit & Netflix (“knitflix”)  whenever I can in my spare time -  it is safe to say that I am obsessed with knitting. I have always loved knitwear (being Norwegian I pretty much grew up wearing knitted jumpers every day) and find a lot of inspiration from magazines and on instagram. Other than knitting I am a huge foodie and am always looking for new great spots to eat around London. Sometimes I even take my knitting with me.

2.     When and why did you start crafting?

I only really started knitting in 2017-2018 - it was such a busy year in my professional life I just felt like I needed to something just for myself. Knitting became a really good way to slow down and re-focus. I have always had in interest in clothes and fashion and thought knitting would be a great way to make some of my own clothes. There is definitely something very satisfying about creating something that challenges you and gives you joy while making it, but also while you are wearing it time and time again. My mum has always knitted and is probably my biggest knitting inspiration - she does all the scandi patterned jumpers, socks and gloves and make it all look so easy. 

3.     Do you have specific inspiration behind any of your projects?

I get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. I think instagram is a great platform to share and get inspired by others.  I usually like to knit pieces that are a bit different either in colourway or design, so that they are one of a kind unique pieces. Normally with patterns I alter them as I go (there is a lot of trial and error and improvisation) for a better fit or to make it work with the yarn I have etc. I like to knit pieces that are current, and I love Scandinavian labels that have knitwear with emphasis on oversized jumpers and cardigans.

4.     What is your favourite piece you've done so far?

My favourite pieces is probably a freestyle raglan boxy, cropped pink silk mohair/alpaca jumper I knitted for my twin sister. She has since taken up knitting herself and I like to think its because of that jumper!

5.     What does your creative process look like?

It can be quite messy to be honest and I’m not much of a planner when it comes to knitting. At times I feel like the living room is just knitting needles, yarn and fluff. I normally spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to do next and find yarns that I like. A lot of the time I find the yarn first and just know I will use it for something special. I always mix things up during the knitting process which means there is a lot of unravelling and re-knitting with every project, but its usually worth it to get the result I want in the end.

6.     Does your home reflect your crafting passion?

Yes, more and more so. My yarn stash is forever growing, so there is that. But I also think a lot of my favourite colours that I bring into my knitting (purples and pinks) are to be found in furniture etc. My fiance works in bespoke tailoring so between us we acutally have a lot of tools/needles/cloth/yarn/sewing machine and handmade garments lying around the house.  

7.     What designers are you loving at the moment?

I have discovered so many through instagram; I love Anna @gregoriafibers and have done some test knitting for her. Both her and @myfavouritethings.knitwear have such beautiful feminine and delicate designs. I also like @theknitter and @virgoknits for their colourful chunky knits.

8.     Do you have any tips for readers developing a passion for crafting?

People DM me on instagram asking me if it is hard to knit and where to start, but with all the help and tutorials online I feel like anyone can start knitting. I picked up knitting after years of having wanted to give it a go and consider myself pretty much self taught from the internet. I would also encourage people to start with a project they are really enthusiastic about, even if it looks challenging for a beginner, you learn so much on the way and there is so much help out there when you get stuck.

9.     Describe your style in 3 words.

Feminine, colourful and oversized. 

10. What yarns do you like using the most?

I love working with silk mohair, chunky wool and alpaca.


To finish off this wonderful interview with Nina, we asked:

What does the future look like for Nina Knitzzz?

I want to just continue knitting things that excite me and hopefully that will bring some joy to my followers on instagram. Knitting is still just a hobby for me and I want to keep it that way for now, but I might start selling some finished one of a kind pieces or take bespoke orders in then future!

You can follow Nina and see all of her projects on her Instagram.