We had a wonderful chat with the extremely talented and stylish Kim from No Way Crochet!

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself - your background, general day to day life, hobbies (other than crafting).

I live in North London with my boyfriend, and I work in a Prop House in Shoreditch. It's a super creative environment where I get the chance to be surrounded by lots of inspiration. The rest of the time I am knitting, crocheting, and researching sweater designs! I love taking inspiration from film, tv, music videos and the internet.

2. When and why did you start crafting?

I started cross stitching from when I was around 9. My mum bought me a small kit to keep me occupied when I was home from school once, and I was hooked. I loved cross stitch and took it back up again when I was in my twenties. My sister and I would craft together and she inspired me to take up crochet. Once I started I couldnt stop! I have also been teaching myself to knit slowly but surely over the past couple of years.

3. Do you have specific inspiration behind any of your projects?

I love taking inspiration from unusual pieces I have seen on tv, in film, on the street, or vintage pieces i come across in charity shops. I love using bright colours and anything fluffy. I cant get enough of using mohair yarn.

4. What is your favourite piece you've done so far?

My favourite piece was a crochet mohair sweater I commissioned for Bat for Lashes. It had big poofy sleeves and was pink, red and fluffy. To be asked to design and make a sweater for someone who I consider to be an incredible artist was truly a great feeling.

5. What does your creative process look like?

I usually sketch down my sweater design ideas first. If I'm playing around or dont quite  have a complete vision of the end result, I will start with the sleeves (my favourite part!) And that usually makes everything fall into place.

6. Does your home reflect your crafting passion?

My flat definitely has touches of my yarn obsession. Much like my designs, my home has pops of bright colour and all of my favourite cones of yarn take pride of place on my living room shelves.

7. What designers are you loving at the moment?

I am always on the hunt for small businesses and designers on instagram. At the moment I am loving @knittefin on Instagram - her style is so beautiful.

9. Describe your style in 3 words.

Fun, inspired, colourful!

10. What yarns do you like using the most? 

My favourite yarns are World of Wool's Chubbs Merino because of the great colour range. I also love anything fluffy by Rico - they always seem to release fun and interesting yarns. I also love finding vintage yarn in charity shops!

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To finish off this amazing interview with Kim, we asked:

What does the future look like for No Way Crochet?

For now I am carrying on having fun and making when I can alongside my day job. I would love to make knits for film or music videos. I have just started a new instagram page where I document all the famous knitwear which inspires me. You can find it at @iconic.knits.

You can follow Kim and see all of her projects on her Blog, Instagram and Etsy.