We had such a great interview with Ruth of Wild Floss! She tells us about her passion for embroidery, her inspriation and her journey so far!

1.     Tell us a little bit about yourself - your background, general day to day life, hobbies (other than crafting).

I was taught to sew by my mother who used to teach sewing and dress making. My introduction to embroidery was around age 8, cross stitching roses onto Aida which she turned into cushions. I currently live in Warwickshire with my husband and 3 daughters and I love passing on my sewing and crafting skills to them. Day to day family life is busy, but I use my spare time for drawing, painting and cake decorating.

2.     When and why did you start crafting?

I studied Fine Art and Textiles but didn't pursue a career in Arts as I never felt good enough. I've always been creative and returned to embroidery in January 2017 after deciding I needed a career change.

3.     Do you have specific inspiration behind any of your projects?

I'm always inspired by colour and shape, patterns and nature. I love organic shapes and find living walls a huge source of inspiration. The hard lines of the manmade structure blended with the plants and organic matter is a beautiful contrast.

4.     What is your favourite piece you've done so far?

My favourite piece is a very small embroidery that I created on holiday in 2017. It was the moment I realised this was the creative outlet I needed. I have stitched almost every day since.

5.     What does your creative process look like?

I start with my chosen fabric and yarns in a carefully selected colour scheme. I have an idea in mind but no pattern, or sketched out design. I start stitching and the design develops organically.

6.     Does your home reflect your crafting passion?

I have a few framed pieces of my work displayed at home. They are all special to me in some way. I love to travel and embroider a lot when I'm away, so all my happy memories are stitched into my work. They evoke strong feelings and I love seeing them everyday.

7.     What designers are you loving at the moment?

Danielle clough (@fianceknowles) her work is stunning and her use of colour is amazing.
Stacey Jones (@bystaceyjones) she creates incredible intricate work and supports the Sarcoma Cancer charity through her sales.
Rebecca Bruton's (@Rebeccabruton_) recent work is to raise awareness for miscarriage and offers support and understanding for so many women.

8.     Do you have any tips for readers developing a passion for crafting?

Have a go at everything, try all different crafts
Try to adapt and reuse supplies you already have.
Relax and have fun, enjoy the creative process without worrying too much about the final outcome.

9.     Describe your style in 3 words.

Colourful, abstract and fun.

10. What yarns do you like using the most?

The colourful, textured and unusual yarns are always my favourites.


To finish off this wonderful interview with Ruth, we asked:

What does the future look like for Wild Floss?

I think the future will always be colourful but I plan to incorporate mixed media into my work, and experiment with materials.

You can follow Ruth and see all of her projects on her Instagram, Facebook and Blog.