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Addi SOS Lifeline Insertion Cord Set - Set of 3


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Addi SOS Lifeline Insertion Cord Set - Set of 3

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Man. Part Code768-7
Brand NameAddi
Needle TypeInterchangeable Knitting Needles
Needle SubtypeInterchangeable Cables
Material TypePlastic

Addi SOS Lifeline Insertion Cord Set - Set of 3 - Product Description

A pack of 3 Addi SOS Lifeline Cords

When knitting complicated lace patterns, there's nothing more aggravating than losing a stitch or having to correct a mistake... So Addi have made it easy to insert a 'lifeline' into your knitting to avert disasters!

By threading the eye in the cord with a contrast yarn, the Addi SOS Lifeline Cord allows you to mark and secure a lifeline easily in your knitting wherever you like. This means that you can relax and enjoy your lace knitting, safe in the knowledge that you can easily unravel some rows later if you need to - although hopefully you won't!

The pack contains: 1 x 60cm, 1 x 80cm, 1 x 100cm red SOS cords.

The Addi SOS Lifeline Cords can be used with any of the Addi Click Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Shanks.

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