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Rico Knitting Doll (French Knitter) - Onno


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Rico Knitting Doll (French Knitter) - Onno

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Brand NameRico
Material TypeWood
Man. Part Code38000.006
DepartmentKnit & Crochet
Product TypeFrench Knitters

Rico Knitting Doll (French Knitter) - Onno - Product Description

This Rico Knitting Doll, named “Onno”, is a beautiful, hand painted wooden French Knitter. Sometimes referred to as Knitting Bees, French Knitters, Spool Knitters, Tomboy Knitters, or just simply Knitting Dolls, they are used to create a narrow tube of knitted yarn. You can make the tube as long as you like - in fact, the Guinness World Record for the longest French knitting is held by a chap called Edward Hannaford from Sittingbourne in Kent, and measured a staggering 16.36 miles. Sadly, he didn’t buy his yarn from us – we wish he had!

French knitting is a traditional way of teaching children the basic principles of knitting, and the colourful Rico Knitting Dolls are perfect for inspiring the younger generation! That said, the resulting tubes of knitting are frequently used by more experienced knitters for making the likes of mats, rugs, or even socks and hats! Full instructions are included.

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