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Designer Spotlight: Catherine Bligh


Catherine Bligh

I started crocheting back in 2009 as a way to express my creativity and keep me occupied despite chronic illness. I started with basic hats and scarves before progressing on to amigurumi, and then eventually plucked up the courage to see if I had the concentration to make a blanket. The first few were a bit wobbly, but I was very quickly addicted to making piles of squares and other motifs. A few years and thirty-odd blankets down the line, I decided to embark on the challenge of creating my own designs. I take a lot of inspiration from nature, especially my garden, and also from literature, which I studied at university. I love bringing together two of my passions, literature and crochet, by working to express themes and characters with yarn and hook. I particularly love creating blankets that are texturally, as well as visually, interesting.


The ‘Demelza’ blanket was my first design, and I remain overwhelmed at how popular it proved to be. I try to push myself in different ways with each blanket that I do, but if I had to say what the overall defining feature of my designs is, I would probably have to say post stitches!


I currently live in a quiet corner of Cambridge with some cats and some chickens – and a whole lot of yarn.

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